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34 flats converted from an NCP car park

Loan Amount


Loan Term

12 Months




Our client had purchased 34 flats converted from an NCP car park as an investment. However, when attempting to refinance the properties, they faced difficulties due to their poor condition. At the survey stage, one broker and two lenders backed out of the deal, leaving the client in a challenging situation. They urgently needed £1.2 million to rebridge their investment.


The challenge for the client was to secure the necessary funds for refinancing, despite lenders’ concerns about the property’s condition. The previous setbacks had left the client with limited options, and time was running out.


To address the lenders’ concerns, we proposed a unique solution called a “comfort charge.” We offered to provide two additional securities: the residential property and a second home as collateral. This additional security helped allay the lenders’ fears, assuring them that their funds would be recoverable in worst-case scenarios. The comfort charge was no different from any other charge on a property; it simply provided the lender with peace of mind.


Our innovative solution not only resolved the seemingly impossible case but also delivered additional benefits. By securing the comfort charge and addressing the lenders’ concerns, we successfully obtained the £1.2 million needed for refinancing. Additionally, our Optimiser secured a discounted interest rate, resulting in a savings of £15,000 for the client over the 12-month loan term.

Abbie Dickson-Davies

Marketing Manager

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