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Transforming a Retail Space into a Mixed-Use Success

Loan Amount


Loan Term

12 Months



Project Background:

Our client seized an opportunity by acquiring a former high street store for £625,000. The property spanned 13,000 sq. ft, featuring a neglected retail space downstairs and three rundown flats above, creating a mixed-use property with an estimated GDV of £1.2 million.


Converting the neglected retail space into an oriental supermarket while refurbishing the three flats posed significant challenges. Transitioning from a commercial to a semi-commercial mortgage, which included repaying bridging finance, added another layer of complexity to the project.


Our client’s strategy involved converting the store into an oriental supermarket while concurrently refurbishing the three flats above for rental purposes. Opting for a semi-commercial mortgage facilitated the repayment of bridging finance and unlocked surplus funds by leveraging the increased value of the property.


Our client successfully established a thriving oriental supermarket, while the residential units contributed additional revenue streams. The combined income from rentals and supermarket sales not only covered operational expenses but also yielded an impressive annual income.

Chloe Rule

Creative Content Manager

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