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Just a 10% deposit needed for a residential bridge with Apex

Abbie Dickson-Davies

19 April 2022


Apex has launched a pilot product offering 90% LTV against open market value for experienced investors.

It’s a great bridging loan for below market value quick flips you may pick up at auction.


The property must be a residential purchase that will benefit from an uplift in value whilst the bridging loan is in place. A property secured under market value is the kind of deal perfect for this bridging finance. Only properties in England and Wales are eligible.


The product is available for experienced investors who have already carried out similar refurbishments.


  • 90% LTV of OMV (Open Market Value)
  • Maximum LTV of 75% GDV (Gross Development Value)
  • Minimum loan £75k
  • Maximum loan £750k
  • 0.95% for the first two thirds of the term, 2% for the remainder of the term

What we think

This bridging loan certainly isn’t the cheapest, however if you need to hang on to more of your cash upfront you won’t find a higher LTV.

There’s no exit fee as the product incentivises clients to get the refurbishment work done and exit the finance quickly – ideally before the stepped rate comes into effect.

Also, Apex lend off market value rather than purchase price, meaning that if you get a good deal for a property you can borrow even more against the purchase price – further shrinking the size of your deposit.

Abbie Dickson-Davies

Marketing Manager

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