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Abbie Dickson-Davies

1 April 2022


The specialist property finance comparison site has onboarded MS Lending to cater to the growth of enquires they are seeing for commercial bridges as the sector springs back to life after the pandemic.

MS Lending, having launched just 2 months after Propp in January 2021 are relatively new to the scene, but are addressing gaps in the market and inefficiencies that have run rampant in the commercial space for years.

By offering no valuations up to £500k and same day decisions they have set themselves up to be the go-to lender for cases where speed is of the essence.

Propp identified this gap on their panel after seeing a steady increase in demand for commercial bridges which highlighted a bottleneck in the lending process caused by the need for commercial valuations.

The 28-day timer starts ticking the moment the hammer drops, so requiring a full commercial valuation that takes three weeks is unfeasible, and MS Lending have addressed this.

Paul Elliott, Managing Director at Propp said “The leadership team building MS Lending are true industry veterans with a solid background in commercial underwriting so we felt these guys would take a pragmatic view of lending and help us to bridge the gap in the commercial space where other lenders are falling short.

“The speed of service that they’ve already proven to deliver due to being in touch with key decision makers is a huge asset and I have no doubt our advisers will lean on MS Lending for those time-sensitive cases.”

Michael Street, Senior Relationship Manager added “We are delighted to have been asked to join Propp’s lender panel after highlighting to Paul and the team how we stand out as a business in the market. At MS Lending Group we pride ourselves on having real products created by real people, making real decisions, and we always have the customers best interests at heart.

The beliefs and values that the team at Propp embrace clearly align with ours, and it is great to be a part of their mission to simplify the way business is done and increase honesty & transparency within the specialist finance market.”

The real value you get from using Propp comes from their deal optimiser. This bespoke system encourages lenders to compete for your business by driving competition between lenders, negotiating rates and returning a personalized quote, often with a discounted rate within 24 hours, providing a saving on average of over £8,000.

Abbie Dickson-Davies

Marketing Manager

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