Government launched £20m support fund to pilot EPC products

The government is encouraging lenders to innovate in the green finance market so homeowners and landlords can reduce their carbon emissions and lower their energy bills. The objective is to provide households with more choice of affordable finance options to retrofit Britain’s inefficient housing stock as part of the commitment to meet ambitious EPC targets […]

Fixed Rates withdrawn across the board – act now!

The Bank of England’s chief economist has said the government’s mini-budget, which led to the pound falling to a record low against the dollar, will require “a significant monetary policy response”. Kwarteng sent sterling and government bonds into freefall on Friday with a so-called mini-budget that was designed to grow the economy by funding tax […]

Commercial landlords unprepared for EPC legislation changes

Improving the energy efficiency of Britain’s housing stock is a key part of the Governments manifesto pledge to tackle Climate Change.  Despite this, 40% of commercial landlords are unaware that in just six months legislation is coming into force that requires commercial rented properties to have an EPC rating of at least E. Research by […]

How to use bridging finance to purchase property at auction

Paul Elliott, Managing Director of Propp sat down to talk about the rise of the property auction and how bridging finance is playing an important part in its growth. Bridging finance traditionally was used to bridge the gap between selling your home and buying a new home or a measure to prevent a chain break. […]

Multi-unit property development stalled after funds ran dry

Careful costing of a property development is key to ensuring your project stays on time and on budget, but even the most experienced builders, property developers and landlords know that it takes just a few bumps in the road to throw these straight out the window.   According to UK Construction Online less than one in […]

When it comes to specialist finance, deal with an expert.

Over half of brokers have admitted to providing bridging finance to clients even though they don’t have a good knowledge of the market according to a recent industry report by West One and Brightstar. While its great news that three-quarters of traditional brokers are recognising the important role bridging finance can make to your property […]

Just a 10% deposit needed for a residential bridge with Apex

Apex has launched a pilot product offering 90% LTV against open market value for experienced investors. It’s a great bridging loan for below market value quick flips you may pick up at auction. Property The property must be a residential purchase that will benefit from an uplift in value whilst the bridging loan is in […]

Purchasing a portfolio of 7 HMOs worth £1.8m

A recent portfolio case we handled demonstrates the importance of working with an expert for your finance needs. Our client wanted to use a bridge to obtain a portfolio with a market value of £1.8M but a purchase price of £1.45 million before refinancing onto a BTL mortgage to free up his capital, which is […] onboards MS Lending to its platform in Q2 reshuffle.

The specialist property finance comparison site has onboarded MS Lending to cater to the growth of enquires they are seeing for commercial bridges as the sector springs back to life after the pandemic. MS Lending, having launched just 2 months after Propp in January 2021 are relatively new to the scene, but are addressing […]

UK Property Market: Buyers to benefit from greater transparency

These changes represent the first phase in a project by the National Trading Standards and Lettings Agency Team to define what is considered material information for property listings. Coming into effect in May 2022, new advertising rules will make it compulsory for certain property details to be included when introducing a property to market. The […] is investing in the industry’s next generation with Propp Academy

Propp, the UK’s first specialist comparison site is inviting talented and driven individuals who want to get into the specialist property finance industry to kick off their career with them. The Propp platform has taken off and has grown its team by 70% in 12 months and has launched its Academy to meet the demands […]